Borgarbyggð provides a wide range of social services for its residents. The service’s role is to ensure the financial and social security of the population on the basis of mutual assistance as stipulated in Act no. 40/1991 on municipal social services.

The social service provides assistance both through counselling as well as other appropriate support, such as financial aid, housing assistance, assistance for the elderly, social home services and disability aids. The social service also deals with child protection issues in the municipality.

Further information, laws and regulations can be found on Borgarbyggð’s website. Information can also be received from the Borgarbyggð’s customer service at phone number 433-7100.


Aldan – rehabilitation and can collection

Aldan offers sheltered work, rehabilitation and practical training for people with disabilities. Aldan’s work consists of both  workshop/training, as well aluminium can collection. Work is adjusted in accordance to individual plans and meets the needs and abilities of each individual.

Aldan’s incentive is to meet the needs of people with disabilities for employment and rehabilitation-related services, which will contribute to increased ability to work and participation in everyday life on an equal basis with others. A wide variety of work tasks takes place in Aldan, including a sewing studio, a space for candle and concrete making, a workshop and a technical area. Emphasis is placed on relations with the local community, for example, arrangements are made with companies and institutions about projects and work contributions from participants in the Aldan programme.

Individuals aged 18 and over, with legal domicile in Borgarbyggð, can apply for a work position in Aldan. Application can be made through the website of the Directorate of Labour, which forwards it further to Aldan. After receiving the application, the applicant is invited for an interview with the director and consultant in charge of employment with support at Borgarbyggð. Subsequently, the application is considered at a team meeting that processes the application.

General information:

Address: Sólbakki 4, 310 Borgarnes

Phone: Hæfing 433-7440