Various clubs, organisations and amateur associations are active in the area and host regular events. There are both strong choir clubs as well as theatre companies in the municipality. Throughout the year,  new knowledge can be acquired  at various courses and lectures in Borgarbyggð.

Choir activities

Choir activities are taking place throughout the municipality, and everyone is welcome to attend rehearsals, as participation is truly both fun and rewarding. The largest choirs in the municipality are the following: Freyjukórinn, Malekórinn Söngbræður, Reykholtskórinn and the church choir in Borgarnes.

Those interested are encouraged to contact the choir director through the choirs’ Facebook page.

Women’s clubs

A total of nine women’s clubs in Borgarbyggð are registered with the Women’s Union of Borgarfjörður. Those are Kvenfélag Borgarnes, Kvenfélag Stafholtstungna, Kvenfélag Þverárhlíðar, Kvenfélag Reykdæla, Kvenfélag 19. juni, Kvenfélag Lunddæla, Kvenfélag Hvítársíðu, Kvenfélag Hálsasveitar and Kvenfélag Álftaneshrepp.

Further information about the club’s  presidents, telephone numbers and email addresses can be found on the website of the Women’s Association of Iceland,

Borgarfjörður District Travel Association

The association is an amateur association of hikers who want to promote travel around Iceland, especially in the West.

On the association’s website can be found further information about hiking trails, upcoming events and registration into the association.

Association’s website is

Borgarnes Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Borgarness belongs to  Icelandic Rotary and is a movement of people from business and professional life as well as from public services. According to the club’s website, the work is essentially based on weekly meetings with talks, discussions and presentations by members on their profession and projects, as well as discussion of various issues of interest to the residents.

Further information can be found on the website

Borgarnes Lions Club

According to the Lions website, the movement is the world’s largest international service movement. Emphasis is placed on the friendship between the members and their families, and the members receive social training as well as purposeful education. The Lions club in Borgarbyggð is called Agla and information can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

Rescue teams

There are three rescue teams operating in the municipality; Björgunarsveitin Brák, Björgunarsveitin Heiðar and Björgunarsveitin OK.

Björgunarsveitin Heiðar



Facebook: @bjsvheidar

Björgunarsveitin Elliði



Björgunarsveitin Brák



Facebook: @BjorgunarsveitinBrak.


Björgunarsveitin OK



Facebook: @okbjorgunarsveitin

Senior citizens’ associations

There are two very active senior citizen associations operating in the municipality. The association of senior citizens in Borgarnes and the surrounding area organises regular meetings during the winter as well as other various events. The association for seniors in Borgarfjarðardálur organises get-togethers in the community centre Brún every Wednesday during the winter.

The latest information as well as contacts can be found on Borgarbyggð’s website.