The cultural life in Borgarbyggð is exceptionally rich. The municipality organises events on June the 17th, Advent as well as the Thirteenth. Strong non-profit organizations in Borgarbyggð take care of events at unique occasions, including Brákarhátíð, Hvanneyrarhátíð, Reykholtshátíð, Varmalands dagar and more.

Museum in Borgarfjörður

Borgarfjörður Museum is located in Borgarnes. Various events are held there throughout the year, e.g. writing workshops, parents’ mornings, photography mornings, courses, art exhibitions and many other things with the aim of information and entertainment. There are five museums associated  with the Borgarfjörður Museum, the County Archives, Borgarfjörður Building Museum, Natural History Museum, Borgarnes Art Museum and Borgarfjordur Cultural Centre Library. The library has a wide selection of books and other media material as well as access to a computer, reading areas and facilities for children.

General Information:

Address: Bjarnabraut 4-6, 310 Borgarnes

Phone: 433-7200





The educational and cultural centre Hjálmaklettur is located in Borgarnes in the building of the Borgarfjörður High School. The centre also houses a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

The building is splendid and creates a beautiful setting for all kinds of events. There is a large hall with a spacious stage and high-quality technical equipment. The restaurant facilities are good, the lobby is spacious and there is sufficient parking space. The hall can accommodate up to 250 people with a simple setup, and 150-200 people with table seating. The building also has seven classrooms which can be used for meetings and group work, as all of them have projectors, screens and a laptop connection.

General Information:

Address: Borgarbraut 54, 310 Borgarnes

Phone: 433-7100